Habotai silk in Natural White, width 85cm. Price per metter.

Habotai silk in Natural White, width 85cm. Price per metter.

Brand: Lechat silk
Product Code: HBT natural white
Availability: In Stock
The silk habotai is a fine, tight, soft, and shimmering silk fabric. The habotai clothing feels smooth and comfortable. It is used to make summer shirts, dresses and children’s clothes

We are a dedicated habotai fabric supplier. Here we list our standard specifications. If you need non-standard silk habotai, we welcome you to send us samples or tell us information about weight, width, style, etc, then we will recommend products according to your targets.

1. Thicknesses: 8 m/m, 10m/m, 12m/m, 16 m/m.
2. Width: 85cm or 114cm or 140cm. This product is 85cm width.

How to care for silks: We highly recommend having your garment taken to the dry cleaners. That is the safest and easiest way to have you silk accessory last for many years to come. However, if you care to try it yourself, here are a few recommendations:
  • >Test a small patch before thoroughly cleaning
    >Hand washing is preferred as washing machines can be rougher to these, even though
    the gentle cycle may be used
    >As silk is a protein fibre... just like human hair, they can be washed using shampoo
    and rinsed with warm but not too hot water. 
    >It is important not to wring water out as the material as it can be damaged
    >Hang to dry, but not in direct sunlight 

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